2 October 2007 - 11:06pmMainframe Contest Update

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So it’s 11:03 Tuesday night and I just finished Part 2 of the Mainframe Contest about 20 minutes ago. I got stuck while working on it last night and come to find out the part I got stuck on was really easy. I could have easily finished the rest of the contest last night had I been able to figure it out. I’m hoping I got mine in quick enough to be a winner for Part 2, but I guess we’ll see.

Overall, I thought the contest was very well structured and educational. I think that it was laid out in such a way that you were told just as much as you needed to know to finish the task. Each time something new was presented, some background information was given and I think that added to the “real world” feel that the contest has.

I will definitely add my completion of the contest to my resume, finishing it was no simple task and I feel as though I’ve really accomplished something by doing so.

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