14 July 2008 - 8:04pmMobile Posting

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Today I set myself up with the ability to post to my blog from my cell phone (without paying for a data plan). I know this isn’t really anything new, but the thought hadn’t ever really occurred to me before, so I was excited about it. Using the Postie Plugin for WordPress, I configured my blog to post e-mails from my cell phone to a particular e-mail address. I can send SMS or MMS messages (I pay for unlimited within-Verizon SMS/MMS and that comes with 500 outside-Verizon SMS/MMS) and anything that’s attached (like a picture) will be posted inline. Postie has a lot of cool features, including the ability to cut off the Verizon-supplied message that appears at the end of whatever text I sent. This functionality (among many other things) is not available in the core WordPress installation, so if you’re looking to post via e-mail or SMS, Postie is the way to go (also, posting a picture attached to an e-mail or MMS message is broken in version 2.5 of WordPress… hopefully to be fixed in 2.6).

So, expect to see random postings of things I find entertaining while I’m out and about. They’ll be categorized under “Mobile” for easy reference.

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