☕️ Busy? Here's the TL;DR

  1. We link to two good posts on how to express appreciation.
  2. And to one with a whole range of ideas for your school's PTO.
  3. Weekly School newsletters are effective for ongoing props.
  4. Here's a twitter post full of TAW ideas from teachers themselves.
  5. 🥁 Get started with our Teacher Appreciation Week template here.

Teacher Appreciation Week is around the corner & we’ve got a school newsletter template to help you celebrate!

Rachel and Phoebe from Friends clapping and shouting Yay!

Communicating appreciation is always important, but especially for folks in helping professions. So, we’ve got one article that details a range of ideas for how managers can express appreciation for their team members, and a second with a wide variety of suggestions for your PTO. In the middle of those two links, we’ve got some 🙌 photos & a funny poem for teachers.

Next up: one of our own blog posts with tips for using your weekly faculty newsletter to recognize your teachers’ efforts.

3 Easy Ways to Incentivize Faculty with a School Newsletter
It’s important that faculty members feel recognized for their hard work and contributions. We’ve got some tips for how to celebrate your teachers in your weekly updates.

Honoring the teachers who changed our lives

We all have one! Next up: a video interview with Dr. John Ewing, President of @mathforamerica, a professional learning fellowship for STEM teachers, who talks with Smore Resident Educator @sternkara about the importance of respecting teachers. This is followed by a great blog post with 14 ways to say thank you to teachers.

Lastly, we’ve got a link for easy homemade gifts that teachers will love.

Let’s hear from teachers themselves!

This tweet thread (which is not in the template) is a good read for what teachers say will help them feel appreciated.

Tweet asking teachers one thing they want for Teacher Appreciation Week.
Tweet asking teachers one thing they want for Teacher Appreciation Week.

You can get started with the Teacher Appreciation template right here. Just click to duplicate and make it your own.

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