It’s beginning to look a lot like... Christmas Newsletter time! If you need a school newsletter that will help you communicate the magic and joy of the season in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas vacation, this template is for you!

What's in the school newsletter?

Like a preview? Here you go! First up, we’ve got a fun article about how Christmas is celebrated around the world, everything from barbecues on the beach to leaving shoes on your windowsill. It’s fodder for an interesting Christmas project or class performance.

Next up, pug dogs in Christmas outfits (cause, why not?!) and a link to the best in Christmas poetry.

Everyone loves the excitement (and chocolate) of an advent calendar, and they’re also a great tool for communicating everything from measurement skills to sustainability to ethics. In short, class advent projects have exponential teachable moments — so we’ve got a bunch of links to ideas for how to incorporate advent calendar-making into your pre-vacation teaching days.

Up next, we’ve got two articles that look at other aspects of the holidays — cultures that don’t celebrate Christmas, and the historical roots of common holidays.

Because parents are always looking for educational activities to do with their children, we’ve included a blog post filled with low-cost, easy to manage enrichment projects that families can undertake over the vacation. None of them involve waking up too early! You can share this post with parents as part of your own holiday communications.

Lastly, a set of links to help you, the harried teacher, wind down.

If you’re nice, we’ll let you duplicate and use the Christmas Newsletter template. But if you’re naughty, well... you'll have to create your school newsletter from scratch! 😆

Merry Christmas from all of us at Smore 🎄.

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