26 October 2007 - 12:45pmTime to learn HTML, CSS and PHP

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Alright. I’ve finally decided that I’m going to put forth an effort to actually learn HTML, CSS and PHP. That’s not to say I haven’t known anything about any of them up to this point, I can sufficiently hack my way through modifying stuff that’s already been written, I just wouldn’t be able to make a page from scratch.

So, to do this, I asked around for some good references and found HTML Dog for HTML and CSS and Hudzilla for PHP. If you’re interested in learning a little bit, take a look. They both seem to be very well-prepared, content rich guides that should help me learn a lot.

As promised, I’m planning to add some content this weekend sometime, so check back.

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25 October 2007 - 1:58pmA General Update

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So I haven’t posted in almost a whole month, sorry about that. Anyway, not too much has been going on lately, so there’s not much updating to be done. However, I’ll touch on a few things.

I’ve recently been working quite a bit on the K2CC Amateur Radio Club webpage. We decided to adopt a wiki infrastructure for the site, so I dug in and did some work implementing and configuring the mediawiki package. Check it out at http://k2cc.clarkson.edu.

My 20th birthday was this past Tuesday (October 23rd). My parents came up to visit for the weekend prior and brought me my sweet birthday present. Then, Tuesday evening, some friends from the lab threw me a nice surprise party with balloons and cake and ice cream. 🙂

In other news, time is down… which is a terrible situation for the world as a whole. What will become of the space-time continuum? What will become of mankind? This is surely not good…

I guess I’ll tie this up with a look into the future (oooo… how’s he do that?). Next weekend I’ll be heading home for a few days to see Joelle and my family. Since I haven’t seen Joelle in almost a month and a half, I’m really excited. As far as this site goes, I plan to take some time in the near future to add a few more pages for everyone to take a look at. So check back soon.

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2 October 2007 - 11:06pmMainframe Contest Update

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So it’s 11:03 Tuesday night and I just finished Part 2 of the Mainframe Contest about 20 minutes ago. I got stuck while working on it last night and come to find out the part I got stuck on was really easy. I could have easily finished the rest of the contest last night had I been able to figure it out. I’m hoping I got mine in quick enough to be a winner for Part 2, but I guess we’ll see.

Overall, I thought the contest was very well structured and educational. I think that it was laid out in such a way that you were told just as much as you needed to know to finish the task. Each time something new was presented, some background information was given and I think that added to the “real world” feel that the contest has.

I will definitely add my completion of the contest to my resume, finishing it was no simple task and I feel as though I’ve really accomplished something by doing so.

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