Amateur Radio

One of my primary interests over the past couple years (especially while I was at Clarkson) has been Amateur Radio (more commonly known as Ham Radio). In order to become a ham radio operator, you have to pass a 35 question, multiple choice test made up by the FCC. Passing the first test gets you the lowest class license, known as the Technician class. I took that test in January of 2007 and received the callsign KC2QVY. Shortly before that I purchased the queen of all handheld radios, the Yaesu VX-7R:

Yaesu VX-7RYaesu VX-7R

And there it is in all its handie-talkie glory complete with the Diamond SRH320A aftermarket tri-band antenna. This radio is one sweet piece of technology, let me tell you. In all the time I’ve owned it, I’ve not used all the features it has and I continue to find new things I didn’t know I could do.


  1. Hey, Is that thing turbo-charged?

  2. Justin says;
    05 Oct 2007 - 11:01pm |

    It very well could be. 🙂

  3. I was on your site researching a WordPress plug-in and saw the link to HAM Radio. Welcome to the hobby, Justin! I am sure that you will find it very rewarding.

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