23 June 2011 - 8:13pmBikes and such

On Monday, Joelle and I headed over to The Bikery in Baldwinsville to look at some new bikes in preparation for our trip to Maine next month.  We took a look at what they had at the store and decided to go with a pair of Cannondale Quick 5s (Joelle’s is the green, mine the gray).  The price seemed about as low as we would be able to get to without going to Wal-Mart, so we made the investment with plans to ride them frequently in the coming months and years.

We went for one short ride on Monday evening when we got home just to make sure everything seemed to be working right.  Tuesday and Wednesday night, I went for rides while Joelle went on her run.  I started on Tuesday with a 9.8 mile ride around Liverpool in just under 45 minutes. Take a look here (I wanted to embed interactive versions of the map right here in my post, but for some reason it seems Google has taken that functionality away).

Wednesday, I dialed it back a bit and went for a shorter, 4.8 mile ride so that I’d be done around the same time Joelle finished her run. I finished this one in just under 21 minutes. That one is here.

In July, Joelle and I are going camping with my parents and sister up in Maine, at Acadia National Park.  The park has 45 miles of carriage trails – nice wide paths through the woods – for us to ride on as well as 125 miles of hiking trails that I’m sure we’ll take advantage of.  Having nice bikes should make our time up there that much more enjoyable.

We’re also hoping to make a stop at Bath Iron Works while we’re up there. If it works out, it will be an opportunity for Joelle, Mom, Dad and Jessica to see a ship just like the ones I work on. The picture below isn’t of the ship we’d get to see (that ship is brand new and there aren’t any pictures on the internet yet) but it is one that I worked on last November in Hawaii!

I’m just waiting for an opportunity to ride in one of those helicopters. Each ship carries two and it isn’t uncommon for them to use one to pick up an engineer on his way out to troubleshoot a problem on the ship.

I’m not going to promise that I’m going to keep updating this blog, but I will at least try.  I don’t want to go another year and a half before posting again!

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