22 January 2008 - 7:47pmA need for prayer

I found out today that a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen or heard from in quite some time was arrested for various reasons. This friend made a few bad decisions sometime back and chose a direction for his life that I never would have expected from him. The two of us shared a common interest in computers and related technology and because of that we always got along quite well.

Having said that, I will be praying for him a lot over the next few weeks and I intend to continue praying for him for a long time. I’m hoping that his recent set of circumstances will result in someone getting through to him and helping him get his life back on track.

Please pray for him. I know you may not know who he is or even what his name is, but that’s not important. God knows him and knows all of the details surrounding his life these past couple of years. All that is required is that you mention him in your prayers and ask God to work in his situation.

I’ll post further information regarding this situation as it is given to me and deemed appropriate, in the meantime please keep praying.

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