26 February 2009 - 12:24amBears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

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Today I finished migrating everything over to my new web host. All of my websites seem to be running fine and I’ve begun taking advantage of some of the features that DreamHost has to offer. If you find something wrong with the site anywhere, leave a comment and let me know so that I can take care of it.

This week, I worked on my first programming assignment for Computer Graphics. It took 300 lines of C to create a flat surface and a ball that rolls around when you press the arrow keys. Ridiculous. Once Ryan and I figured out how to do it properly it was a pretty neat assignment. I actually feel a sense of accomplishment now that I’ve finished it.

I guess that’s about it.

P.S. I’ve taken the limited time scrolling, blinking title feature offline. If you missed it, you missed out!

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24 February 2009 - 2:40pmPacking up and moving out

I recently discovered that it is possible for me to cancel my account on Bluehost and be refunded the balance of what I’ve paid in advance. This is pretty sweet because I’d like to be able to take advantage of the features that Dreamhost has to offer (SVN, WebSVN, etc.).

So, today I started backing everything up and I think I’ll be making the move soon. During that time this site and the few others I have on this account will be offline, though hopefully not for too long.

I’m not 100% sure on the process quite yet. I need to make sure all my domain names get transferred properly, which may involve having both accounts active for the transition. Once I have everything transferred, I should be okay to cancel the old account. First, I plan to talk to someone at Bluehost to verify that I will be refunded the appropriate money upon cancelling my account.

So, over the next couple days, if this site is unavailable for a little bit, you’ll know why.

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