☕️ Busy? Here's the TL;DR

  1. Set the tone for your classroom with this Classroom Rules poster
  2. Part 1 has a basic set of class guidelines ripe for personalization
  3. Part 2 offers a selection of resources for how to approach class rules.

If you’re thinking about back to school, you’re probably thinking about classroom management.

An eye-catching classroom rules poster (by way of a school newsletter) is one way to start. As a principal, I had a few catchphrases I used particularly often, with both parents and faculty. One of them was, “Children understand limits as love.”

In other words, when there are no rules, kids don’t feel safe.

When I think about classroom rules, I think more community bonds than list of restrictions.

Lists of restrictions are like a challenge to kids: I see your list, and I raise you one! Whereas, community bonds promote the behaviors that strengthen us as a group of learners and friends. This template offers an initial set of classroom guidelines that cover the basics of how we want students to manage themselves and their work, and how they treat others.

It’s followed by resources to help teachers develop their approach in more detail.

Here's what you'll find:

  1. A clickable poster with a set of teacher guidelines.
  2. Lesson plans that you can use in the opening weeks of school aimed at developing classroom rules.
  3. An intro to Restorative Justice Circles, a guaranteed approach to building strong community bonds and aiding immensely with how to handle discipline.
  4. Lastly, a helpful guide as you consider all of this.

Students are returning to school. Let’s give them the tools they need  to be good friends, learners, and citizens.

Clickable Classroom Rules Poster with diverse raised hands as background image

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