Busy? Want the TLDR? Here ya go!
1. Don't write long blocks of text.
2. Say goodbye to long lists
3. Beware of making people scroll
4. Always. Use. Images.
5. Never bury the lede


(disclaimer: names and identities have been changed to protect the innocent)

You’ve got important information to share. You need people to read your school newsletters! If you’re not seeing the clicks or engagement you want, it may be because you’re making one of the following 5 mistakes:

1. DON’T: write long blocks of text.

Text without any images or bullet points

DO: Think visual

Newsletter text with images, headers, and bullet points

If you have a lot of info to convey, separate the instructions under headings, and organize them in a zig-zag pattern. It makes for a clearer path for your reader.  It might take you a few more minutes to create, but it'll save time in the long run when more parents follow your directions.

2. DON’T: write long lists of instructions with no guideposts.

Block of newsletter text with no formatting

DO: use the tools you’re given.

Bullet points, bolded words, and numbered lists help your readers organize information in their minds.

Block of newsletter text nicely formatted

3. DON’T: create updates so long you have to scroll for days.

woman scrolling on her cellphone

DO: Keep your scroll time to a minimum.

Aim to keep your newsletter to three or four essential sections. Remember: most people will read the update on their phone.

4. DON’T: create a newsletter without any images.

Long block of unformatted newsletter text

DO: remember that a picture is worth at least a thousand words.

Same text as previous image but with picture and formatting

5. DON’T: Bury the lede. We are a nation of skimmers.

button for resources for argumentative essay

DO: write the important info in prominent section of a button, not in the small text.

Button with resources for argumentative essay

See the difference? Smartphones and social media have conditioned us to expect The Headlines! in 280 characters (including spaces) and emojis. Don’t fight it! Create newsletters that meet people where they are. Get the results you want.

Need a pre-formatted template for a weekly update? You can find one here.