🧑🏾‍💻 Busy? Here's the TL;DR

  1. A November newsletter template keeps folks in the loop
  2. Make sure your headlines are easy to skim
  3. Include basics like schedule & lunch menu
  4. Separate calendar, reminders, & assignments
  5. Don't skimp on photos of students!
  6. Always include contact info.

Want to earn parents' & caregivers' gratitude this November?

Keep them in the loop with a weekly November newsletter template, like this one! It's got placeholders for all the info the grownups need to keep their learners organized & ready to learn. Plus, it's easy to duplicate and update each week.

Let's break it down!

Woman singing "oh yeah, break it down" GIF

Tip 1: Use skimmable headlines from the get-go

The vast majority of people read email on mobile, and "read" is a generous term! We skim. So, keep that in mind as you build your newsletter. And while we're on the topic of eye-catching, remember the old adage, "A picture is worth 1000 words?" Make sure to get some photos right at the top of your update, to catch people's interest.

Here's an example! We're sharing curricular info in a lively, skimmable way.

screenshot from November newsletter template of the theme of the week

Tip 2: Even if it's a repeat, always include the basics

It's helpful for parents & caregivers to get a copy of the schedule each week – it helps with getting backpacks organized every night, and doing homework checks. Similarly, including the lunch menu is valuable info for families.

In fact, a screen shot of the lunch menu is one of those items that will guarantee engagement, every time!

Tip 3: Make Calendar Items, Assignments, & Reminders each their own category

You don't want to smoosh all of these together under "Important Info" because they are three distinct categories of information, each equally important. Separate them under their own headers, so that the items are differentiated visually.

Also, giving each its own category confers a level of significance that you absolutely want to convey to parents/caregivers!

Tip 4: Make sure to include photos of students, lots of them!

Tbh, this is what folks are tuning in for, anyway. They want to see their kids! So, give them what they want. Lots of reasons to feel proud, to feel connected, and to get a sense that you – the teacher – recognize the value that their child brings to the classroom.

You can do this in any number of ways! Here's one (alliterative) idea :)

Screen shot of Weekly Shout Outs for November Schedule Template

Tip 5: Let folks know how to reach you

Maybe this seems obvious, but sometimes parents/caregivers aren't sure how to access the teacher. In each school newsletter, it's helpful share a picture of yourself, state how you can be reached, and your preferred modes of contact. Why do it every week? Most of the time, folks won't need you.

But the one time they do, they'll be super grateful they don't have to search for your contact info.

Screen shot of teacher contact info for November Newsletter Template

Those are your 5 tips! Now go ahead & get started here! 👇🏽

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