Busy? Here's the TL;DR

🦃 We made a template to celebrate Thanksgiving!
🙏 We included a variety of teaching resources & gratitude activities
🥧 Plus, for the tired teacher, we've got some fun recipes & a chill playlist.

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to teach students key values and communication skills, like how to give thanks and express gratitude!

Thanksgiving itself is an interesting study in communication — how a holiday gets articulated over time — and the first article in our Thanksgiving School Newsletter Template explores the history of the holiday. It’s a great read & it's followed by a blog post with ideas about how to teach the history of the commemorative day rather than the myth.

This should give you plenty of ideas for the lead-up to the holiday!

Snippet from a Thanksgiving school newsletter template

Make room for a gratitude wall.

It wouldn't be a Thanksgiving template without a section on gratitude. So, next up you'll find activities and ideas for how to express thanks for one another, and for the many gifts in our lives.

Plus, we've included a charitable activity that works for pretty much any age group, and will bring a little light to those who are alone on the holiday.

snippet from a Thanksgiving school newsletter template

Celebrating with a School Newsletter

Lastly, we celebrate you, the educators! That feeling of freedom you get when you leave school for the Thanksgiving long weekend, amirite?! To add to your holiday, we’ve got some awesome recipes for side dishes, for cocktails, and a playlist to keep you inspired while you cook.

Have a festive, delicious, joyous, happy Thanksgiving 🍂.

screenshot of a Thanksgiving school newsletter template

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