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  1. Looking for resources for Native American Heritage Month?
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With the crackle of leaves underfoot, we welcome in Native American Heritage Month (aka American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month) in November. And yes, we’ve got a school newsletter template for that!

We kick it off with some social studies resources: an interactive website to look up what tribal land your school is on, a great collection of ready-to-use activities and lesson plans built around primary sources, and a blog post about 12 Native American women that everyone should know about.

Next up, a fascinating dive into numbers thanks to the Census Bureau, followed by ELA resources: a series of short films, and a great booklist.

Last up — are you struck by the beauty of the background in this template? We were too! It’s a Navajo woven blanket. In the next section of the template, you can find a variety of resources for teaching about Navajo weaving, including in-class weaving projects. Last but not least, a cool-sounding free workshop for teachers put on by the Smithsonian.

A Meaningful November Newsletter

The Hopi Indians had a saying, “The one who tells the stories rules the world.” Here’s a template filled with stories — we hope you enjoy the telling of them!

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