☕️ Busy? Here's the TL;DR

  1. Use this template to welcome your faculty back to school
  2. You'll find placeholders for all the important info: an inspiring message, intros to new folks, a schedule, plus inspiring resources for principals & teachers.

Writing a school newsletter welcoming faculty back from summer requires a certain sleight of hand...

You have to acknowledge that vacation is ending while inspiring your team with the hope and promise of the new school year. Principals as motivational speakers!
Our Welcome Back To School newsletter template is designed to help principals walk that line.

First, find a placeholder for your opening message, along with an inspirational photo.

Up next: a big pic of the week’s schedule

Because everyone needs to know EXACTLY how much time they’ll have to set up their classrooms, amirite?!

Mary Poppins tapping her fingers to hurry things up

Following the schedule is a gallery to introduce new faculty and staff. Simply switch out the photos and add a quick bio for everyone. Next up is a gallery of facilities upgrades, followed by a button linking to the district website

(So everyone can easily count the days till Winter Break 😆)

Finally, we’ve got resources.

  1. Templates for your teachers, librarian, and guidance counselors to introduce themselves to families.
  2. An incredible collection of links to basically everything a teacher needs to start the year off strong.
  3. A song that'll inspire even the grumpiest returning faculty member.

Lastly, we've woven motivating & inspiring quotations all the way through.

Coming back is never easy, but using this template definitely is. Wishing you a healthy, calm, productive school year.

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