🎁 Busy? Here's the TL;DR

  1. We asked educators for the top communication tips in 2022
  2. They shared a set of best practices we all should follow:
  3. Consistency is key, whether it's delivery, style, or voice.
  4. Use images, GIFs & emojis to keep folks' interest.
  5. Respect folks' time, language needs, & schedules.

As 2022 comes to a close, we decided to make our own “Best of” list:

Best School Communications Tips of 2022
Holla GIF

To compile the list, we turned to the experts in the field – educators! From their suggestions we boiled it down to three core tips.

Let's take them one at a time!

Top tip # 1: Consistency

Almost all of the experts who weighed in pointed to the importance of consistency, although in different ways. For some, it was frequency:

For others, it's about maintaining a consistent cadence:

While other educators pointed to the importance of maintaining a consistent style or design identity (in addition to communication frequency):

Top tip #2: keep it lively

All the consistency in the world might not matter if you don't communicate in a way that captures folks' attention. Using visual signifiers like emojis, GIFs and memes is just plain fun. Big added plus? It makes you look on trend!

You can tell emojis are fun to use, because even in sharing the tip, these educators are using them! And notice, the visual addition makes their contributions pop. Like this one:

Top tip #3: be respectful:

Folks, this is an important one, so we saved it for last. When you're crafting your school newsletter, keep front of mind who will be receiving it. For starters, not everyone absorbs information in the same way:

Great point! It's also hard to absorb a whole lotta info coming at you at once:

And as @evyabel pointed out above, not everyone reads comfortably in English, so language translation is a must. Lastly, another essential way to be respectful is of people's schedules, by considering carefully when you send information – whether it's to parents or to your team:

So, the Best School Communications Tips of 2022: Be Consistent, Be Stylish, Be Thoughtful.

See you in 2023!

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