🎃 Busy? Here's the TL;DR

  1. Make Halloween less scary (for teachers) with this template
  2. It's got literacy & STEM resources
  3. Some great costume ideas
  4. And a guide for parents

Halloween is one of the most feared holidays we celebrate at school--and for good reason! So, this school newsletter template is in the spirit of making Halloween educational, fun, delicious, and inclusive.

First up, some goofy Halloween jokes. Come on, you know you want to laugh! Next up: all kinds of learning about bats, little creepy creatures essential to our ecosystems. But bats are just the tip of the spooky iceberg, dig further for lessons about skeletons and zombies.

If you’re looking for a broader range of Halloween classroom ideas, we’ve got a comprehensive blog post from We Are Teachers. Everything from STEM to fun writing prompts. And because, of course, literacy is the foundation of all learning, we’ve got a great list of Halloween reading suggestions for all ages.

A School Newsletter That Keeps on Treating

And now, all the elements you need for a fab Halloween party! Our school newsletter template has a placeholder for an event notice — you can add in all the details about what is and what is NOT allowed. Whoops, did you leave your costume to the last minute? No problem, we’ve got a list of DIY Halloween costumes, super easy. To round out the party, some ghoulish recipes and a Halloween playlist for your students to work off their excess sugar energy. Last but never least, a short article to share with parents with a checklist to make sure their child’s costume won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Witching you a safe, sweet Halloween 🎃

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