Busy? Here's the TL;DR

  1. Get busy teaching about autumn with this template
  2. First up, a variety of resources for fall science activities
  3. Followed by ELA & a bunch of great poems & poetry prompts
  4. Lastly, get yourself in the fall groove with fall recipes & music

This school newsletter template celebrates autumn as only a teacher can.

We've shared resources for teaching about the autumnal equinox, science activities related to fall food, gardening, weather & autumn leaves, prompts for poetry, and some fun stuff for grownups. Up first, we’ve got some fun facts about the word equinox, followed by a gallery of fall images with quotes to match.

There's something about fall that's endlessly inspiring, don't you think?

Section of a newsletter template about autumn

Speaking of leaves, how about some autumn science?

We share some great resources about:

πŸ₯” Seasonal fruits & veggies
πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŒΎ Ideas for growing classroom gardens
🍁 The colors of autumn leaves
πŸ‚ Leaf projects

Plus, a post with a terrific variety of activities adaptable across age groups.

Section of a newsletter template with a link to a science activity blog

After science, it's time for ELA.

It's impossible to watch the leaves turning, and falling, and the branches turning bare, the sky darkening earlier without thinking of poetry. So, we've link to some wonderful fall poems, and then fun prompts for students to write their own.

Or you!

Section of a newsletter about fall poetry

Last, a little something something for the teacher.

Get into the spirit (and escape DEVOLSON) with this post of awesome fall recipes for baked deliciousness and then work the calories right off with this classic fall kick-off song:

Bah-di-ah-di-ah-di-ah. Happy fall! 🍁

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